Totsbots Fleece Liners 10 pack


Fleece liners act as a one-way barrier allowing the liquid to pass through into the nappy where it is absorbed. They themselves remain completely dry.


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Pack of 10 fleece liners from Totsbots.

Oblong 29cm x 14cm approximately

Fleece liners allow the liquid to pass through into the nappy where it is absorbed but the fleece itself stays completely dry so it protects your babies skin and keeps him or her nice and dry.  Ideal to use in cotton or bamboo nappies particularly at night when the nappy is left on for longer.

Fleece liners can also be used instead of paper liners on any nappy as they are used again and again and are not thrown away but washed after use.  Great if you have a delicate plumbing ! I personally found that paper liners were best in the first 6 months when my babies poo was runny, however once on solid food and with solid poo fleece liners became a viable alternative to paper liners and I switched.  



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