Bamboo Booster


thirsty bamboo boosters from Little Lamb in various sizes and thickness


Bamboo Boosters are ideal to increase the absorbency of any cloth nappy

double thickness £2.30 each 

triple thickness £3.80 each

5 pack double thickness £11

5 pack triple thickness £18

plus further discounts, spend £50+ use code 5PC (5% off) or £100+ use code 10PC (10% off) Use these codes at the checkout 

Double or triple thickness 100% bamboo boosters which are slim but super absorbent.  

Slim but super absorbent.  These boosters are great with any nappy and can be used as inserts in pocket nappies or just laid flat in 2 part nappies or all in one nappies.  They give extra absorbency while still keeping the nappy nice and slim.  Whatever nappies you have these boosters should be part of your kit.   They give you the option of increasing absorbency and therefore how long the nappy can be left on your baby.   Start off with 4 or 5 boosters and buy more if and when you find you need them!

Small size iare 29cm x 10.5cm double thickness holds approximately 67ml /  triple thickness holds approximately 135ml 

Large  size are 34.5cm x 12cm double thickness holds approximately 95ml / triple thickness holds approximately 190ml 

Use the smaller boosters with Bumgenius FreetimeTots Bots Teeny fit, Motherase Sandy’s xsmall  and the larger boosters work well with Bumgenius V5 Pocket,  Motherease Sandy’s Toddlerease and most other nappies.




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