Many local councils do offer some kind of cash back scheme or trial pack for parents wishing to try out cloth nappies and many do not!  I used to list the boroughs and what they offered on my site but it became difficult to keep up with constant changes.  The best way to find out if your council has any type of current scheme is to go your local council homepage and search ‘real nappies’ and see what comes up, if there is a scheme it will come up there.  If there is no scheme then contact the waste and environment department and ask them why not ?

London Boroughs Participating in RNFL voucher or cash back schemes

Barnet – cash back £54.15 visit council website and download the form

Bexley –RNfL voucher £50

Camden – RNfL voucher £54.15

Enfield – RNfL voucher £54.15

Hackney –RNfL voucher £54.15

Hammersmith & Fulham – £45 contact to apply

Haringey – RNfL voucher £54.15

Islington – RNfL voucher £54.15

Kensington & Chelsea – £45 contact to apply

Lambeth – RNfL voucher £40

Waltham Forest – RNfL voucher £54.15

Other London boroughs may have loan schemes or free trial packs they will send you so please search your councils site to check.

The Washable Nappy Company are a registered supplier for Real Nappies for London. This means that if your borough is signed up with Real Nappies for London (see above list)  you can apply for a voucher which can be redeemed directly through my web store or at one of my nappy demos or Baby Shows.  Barnet residents can claim a refund on washable nappies bought for a baby under 18 months old.


Specifically designed Trial Kits – these are various kits which are the price of your voucher.  There are  savings of up to and sometimes over 10%  on the RRP and are aimed to help parents who are new to cloth nappies and are confused by all the choice !  There are four trial kits to choose from and they are explained in more detail on the sales page (Not in receipt of a voucher but would like one of these kits ?  Please see out Trial Kits, they are available to purchase without vouchers with the same 10% + discounts.)

Put together your own kit – put together your own order and use the voucher against the cost.  To do this

  1. enter your order
  2. continue to checkout
  3. in the discount box put the code* (This is not your voucher code) *Real Nappy For London vouchers use the code  RNFL40, RNFL50 or     RNFL5415 – depending on your voucher value.  Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea residents use the code HFKC45 The voucher value will be deducted.
  4. in the message box at checkout put your voucher number or send me an email
  5. complete payment.  I will refund either 5%  or 10% of the order if your order was over £50 or £100 as you are unable to use both your voucher code and the 5PC or 10PC discount code on my site


If you live in one of the RNfL boroughs then visit Real Nappies for London website and click apply online

Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea residents can apply for their voucher by contacting for Hammersmith and Fulham and for Kensington and Chelsea.  Or they can attend one of the demo’s in their borough. 


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