I run a nappy library for Bexley Council, for Bexley residents and for Hastings and St Leonards on Sea residents

Nappies from a nappy library are not brand new nappies and will have, in most instances, been used on other babies beforehand.  They will be washed and packed (by me) before each loan and will be in a good clean condition for every loan.  I make up the trial kits on a one to one basis but do think it is best for people to trial a mixed kit with lots of different types of nappies so they can decide what they like best, parents are often surprised what they end up liking!  You can also use a nappy library if you are already a cloth nappy user but want to try something new or solve a specific issue or problem.

It is not advisable to borrow a kit before your baby is born as the loan period is for one month only and you can risk holding a kit for a whole month unused whilst waiting for your baby to arrive!   Kits available to loan:

  • a new-born kit (use from 6lbs/2.7kg – 15lbs/6.8kg) – borrow for 1 month
  • a birth to potty kit (use from 10lbs/4.5kg to 35lbs/15.8kg) – borrow for 1 month
  • or design your own kit – borrow for 1 month

A lot of cloth nappies are birth to potty (one sized) and therefore usually do not fit a baby under 9lbs (some brands not fitting until 10-12lbs upwards) so loan of these nappies is best done on babies 10lbs/4.5kg  and above.  Smaller sized nappies and prefolds, terries and muslins with small wraps and nappi nippa’s work very well on new-borns – see this video on you tube so it may be worth getting a few of these to use in the first month and borrow a trial kit once your baby is over 10lbs. Alternatively you can borrow a newborn kit as soon as your baby arrives. 

If you are lucky enough to live in a borough that offers vouchers (see Real Nappies for London or contact your local council)  then you can use this voucher to buy small nappies and borrow the nappy library trial bucket to use once your baby is bigger.  Or you can buy one of the premade voucher kits if you prefer.  Prefolds etc. can be used throughout your baby’s time in nappies so are very very cost effective.

How the library works

    • The trial bucket will be designed to suit your requirements and can be borrowed for one month. 
    • You will pay a £20 refundable deposit and £20 to borrow up to 20 nappies and wraps.
    • Nappies are collected and dropped off to me in person either in St Leonards or at an event in London.  They can be posted, at a cost of  £12.50 (return postage costs included in this fee and I will email you a returns label, you just pack it back up into the original box, attach the returns label and take it to the post office).  
    • Your trial bucket will include 15 and 20 nappies and wraps and will also include fleece liners, boosters, washable wipes, mesh bag to wash in and bucket to store dirty nappies in.
    • You must use a liner with every nappy change during the nappy loan. (20 fleece liners included with the library loan)
    • You must wash your nappies in accordance with our guidelines for washing nappies and you must not deviate from these guidelines.   
    • The nappies should be washed before they are returned and dried fully.  


This Library is owned by Bexley Council but run by me, with the support of Andrea Cornwell from Bexley council.  It is registered with the UK cloth Nappy Libraries Network www.uknappynetwork.org and all details are kept on file there using a Jot form.  The UK Nappy Network can also be found on Facebook. When borrowing a trail bucket you are required to follow the washing guidelines which can be found here

If you would like to borrow nappies from the Bexley Nappy Library then you need to contact me juliet@thewashablenappy.co.uk or ring me on 078339327210. 


Please contact me to book a loan bucket.  I have one birth to potty trial kit and one newborn kit.  These can be borrowed for 1 month under the same guidelines as the Bexley Library.  My email is juliet@thewashablenappy.co.uk or phone number is 07833927210 or 01424532325