I set this company up in 2006 in North London where we lived at the time.   Having struggled to use reusable nappies on my baby twins when they were first born I decided that I would set up a company promoting cloth nappies and selling them at reasonable prices.  By organising nappy talks I wanted to help parents find the right reusable nappy for their baby and give them all the information they needed to get those nappies working  really well for them.  All the firsthand information that was not readily available to me when my babies were tiny.  My nappy talks proved popular and I now run them throughout London in conjunction with a number of councils and supported by Real Nappies For London.   I moved to St Leonards on Sea in 2009 and over the past few years I have been selling more nappies online so I have been trying to offer the same advice and support to all my virtual customers too.  So please always feel free to contact me if you have any problems or questions with your nappies.   My husband, children, brother and mother have all been involved during the years,  and still are today, so this really is a family business!    In 2008 Haringey council awarded me ‘Green Business of the year’.  I now run my business from an office at the bottom of my garden in St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex.  I try to be as sustainable as possible in everything I do, re-use packaging, buy biodegradable postage bags and now I also run a nappy library.  Cloth nappies have become a popular choice in recent years and I have seen my work increase substantially, which is wonderful, but sometimes this means I am a few days  late posting orders or answering emails as I just cannot keep up with the demand so please bear with me.     

A picture of my twins, Rosa and Arthur, who were two at the time, and were born in 2004.

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