Which nappy do I buy ? It can seem very confusing with so many washable nappy brands and styles to choose from.  Most parents do get a bit anxious about which nappy or kit to go for, wanting to make sure they buy the right (best !?) nappies for their baby.  So to help you out here is a bit of information I wish I had known at the beginning of my cloth journey – Most washable nappies work and all the nappies I sell ( and other cloth nappy specialists) will work very well and there is really no such thing as the ‘best’ cloth nappy as each nappy type or brand suits different parents and babies for various reasons.  And the main reasons are fit, cost, leakage, drying speed, organic or not and patterns.   So:

Fit – Birth 2 Potty nappies are a popular choice but do not fit a newborn who is born at 6lbs. If you are planning on using from birth please be aware that it can take a few weeks before your nappies fit well, most usually fit at around 9lbs but if your baby is quite skinny it may take a bit longer.   Sized nappies and wraps will give a better fit on smaller newborns.

When starting off on your cloth nappy journey it is a great idea to try a few different options and to also bear in mind that your babies nappy needs change throughout so what may have been your ‘super favorite’  washable nappy at 6 months is completely different from your 1 month or 1 year