Muslinz Squares


Muslinz Squares are premium quality coloured muslin squares made from 100% pure cotton.  Muslinz are ultra-absorbent, breathable, soft and durable – perfect to use as a cloth nappy for a newborn.

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Muslinz  Squares – coloured muslin squares 70×70 100% cotton

Single £1.80 / 3 pk – £5  / 6 pk – £9.50 / 12 pk £18

These 70cm x 70cm muslinz squares are made from 100% thick super soft cotton.  Muslinz are an excellent quality, beautifully made brand of muslins.  They are lovely and thick and unlike many of the other high street brands, there is no creasing or mis shaping after washing, they just get softer !

Although generally used as mop up or burping cloths muslins can also be used as nappies and work particularly well for newborn babies. They can be washed at higher temperatures than fitted nappies as they are 100% cotton with no elastic.  They are a cheap cloth nappy option and if used with a newborn wrap they can be a perfect start on your cloth nappy journey and fill the gap between birth and when the the more expensive ‘birth to potty’ nappies start to fit your newborn which is usually between 9 -11lbs / 4.1 – 4.9kg.  Folds are the same as prefolds or terrys 

I sell these Muslinz squares singly or in packs of 3, 6 or 12.  They come in a variety of  lovely vibrant or pale colours.

Our Opinion – Muslinz Squares can  be used as a cloth nappy, folded as a pad or used in the same way as terry squares or prefolds these are an excellent option for smaller babies or newborns.   They are surprisingly absorbent and very slim line.  They dry quickly and are a great low cost option.  You need to use an outer PUL wrap and either the Rikki, Airflow, or Thirsties wraps work very well for newborns and the Flip or the Close Parent Popin are a great birth to potty option for older bigger babies. 

Our Tips – If you layer two muslins together before folding in a traditional terry nappy fold, you can obtain absorbency comparable to most fitted nappies with the added benefit of a slimmer nappy. Use a Nappi Nippa for even better containment.

Washing – WASH COLD FOR FIRST FEW WASHES if you have brightly coloured muslinz squares after that wash between 40° to 80°.   (Can be tumble dried on a low temperature. Please see our ‘washing your reusable nappies‘ for full details and tips on how to wash all your nappies.  Fold over the Veclro onto the laundry tabs to protect during washing.

Sizing – Fits from 4lbs +/ 1.8kg    



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