Lockable Nappy Pail from TotsBots


Totsbots lockable white nappy bucket ideal to store dirty nappies in, holds around 15 to 20 dirty nappies

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Lockable Nappy Pail from TotsBots

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This is a 16L nappy bucket which has 4 clip-lock clasps to ensure the lid stays on and no nasty smells get out!

The handle has a lovely grip section making it easier to move around and it is a very solid, high quality product. Use with a mesh bag to make it easy to take your dirty nappies from pail to washing machine, but do remember to leave the mesh bag open so all nappies can tumble out during the wash cycle. 

There are several schools of thought about how to store your dirty nappies, but we recommend dry pailing, as using water can encourage bacteria to breed, and therefore increase, not decrease, the potential for odours.  When you change a dirty nappy flush away any solids down the toilet, rinsing of any excess as necessary and put wet nappies straight into the bucket.  As long as you keep the lid on, this will keep odours to a minimum. 

If you want to try wet pailing, simply fill with water and submerge the nappies having rinsed off any excess on soiled ones (never soak PUL wraps or ‘all in one ‘and ‘pocket nappies  with attached PUL).  Keep on adding until the bucket is full. Soaking does effectively pre-clean the nappies a bit, which helps keep stains from setting. However, the downside is that the nappy bucket may smell when you take the lid off, you also have to dispose of the dirty water very regularly and soaking can damage modern fabrics, elastics and fastenings. 

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