TotsBots Bamboozle Stretch


Totsbots Bamboozle Stretch nappy is made in the UK. It comes in newborn, onesize and toddler sizes.  It is a two part nappy that needs an outer wrap.  It is an excellent newborn and toddler night-time nappy.


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Absorbency Very
Drying Time Slow 12 – 16 hours line dry (can be tumble dried)
Fit (slim or bulky) medium (bulky if you use size 2 on 10lbs baby but not too bad with size 1)
Easy To Use middling – two part system but not complicated 
Fastening Velcro (Aplix)
Made UK – Scotland
Material Bamboo Rayon with microfibre core
Need Separate Wrap Yes
Day or Night Both
Sizing size 1 = newborn  / size 2 = birth 2 potty / size 3 = toddler nappy


Totsbots Bamboozle Stretch nappy is the ultimate in comfort and fit for your baby. 

The super soft bamboozle stretch is made from 80% bamboo and because there is only soft fibres next to your baby’s bottom this nappy is ideal for babies with sensitive skin. This nappy has fantastic absorbency but it is slim fitting, so a great all rounder, and will last the night with the addition of an extra detachable booster if needed.  It is easy to see why this nappy won the Mother & Baby Gold in the Best Reusable nappy category four years in a row.

Size: The 2023 Bamboozle Fitted nappy comes in three sizes: ‘Newborn’ 5-15lbs which is perfect for even low birth weight babies and twins. Newborn offers excellent absorbency and containment with minimal bulk. If you’re planning on using the nappies on more than one child it is worth considering buying the newborn size as this spreads the wear and allows for two babies in nappies at the same time; your older child will be in the One Size while the new baby is back in your newborn Bamboozles.   ‘One Size’ 9-35lbs which is ideal for many full term babies. With the One Size nappy you remove the booster to make it slimmer and use the poppers to reduce the length of the nappy on a newborn. There is always a compromise on fit with a one size nappy system; the one size nappy will be bulkier and much wider on younger babies than the newborn Bamboozle. However it will still work perfectly and the bulk will seem less as baby grows.  XL 35lbs+ the XL is designed for the chunky monkey babies, toddlers and later potty trainers.  It is not common to need XL and most people never need to consider or budget for using this size. XL when poppered down into the smallest setting is the same size as the One Size on the maximum setting. XL size holds 855ml liquid.  Due to this adjustment it can often be used from 25lbs, but would be bulkier on a baby of this weight than the one size would be.   I also have some remaining stock of the original Bamboozle Stretch ‘Size 1’ which fits 6-18lbs. Once this size has sold out it will be removed from the site.

The Bamboozle stretch size 1 will fit young/newborn babies snugly and because of its stretchiness it fits the upper weight ranges really well too.  The new leak proof design with elasticated legs and waist means this nappy (with an outer wrap) has excellent containment.  It is Aplix (Velcro) fastening so is very similar to using a disposable nappy.  The Size 2 fits from 10lbs/11lbs upwards,  by adjusting the poppers on the front however this will be bulky on a 10lb baby!  But it is cost effective if money is an issue as it saves you buying two sizes.  If you are looking to buy this nappy for a 12lb plus baby I would always suggest you go straight to the size 2.   Size 1 fits a newborn very well and will last until your baby is 18lbs/8.2kg (around 9 months for an average sized child).  The hidden microfibre core and pop in bamboo booster increases absorbency and speeds up drying time a little,  and the fabric is more durable than terry bamboo and stays softer longer, even in hard water areas.

What else do I need with this nappy ? An outer wrap, you need 1 wrap for every 3 to 4 nappies.  Motherease airflow  work very well with this nappy giving you probably the best leak proof super absorbent night nappy combo.  You can also use with the Bamboozle Peenut wraps.    Nappies with wraps (known as a two part system) are the absolute best for containment,  which basically means very few leaks!  They are also an excellent choice for newborn babies as they keep in all that runny poo which is prone to exploding out of most nappies including and in particular disposable nappies!   Totsbots Bamboozle Stretch can be part of the Bamboozle system, use with the Bamboozle wrap and Bamboozle Pads, you don’t need to change the wrap with every nappy change if it isn’t soiled. Alternatate between the nappy and the pads for a flexible and economical nappy system.

The Material: Bamboo is an incredibly absorbent material, 70% more absorbent than cotton.  However it does take a longer to dry. So please bear this in mind when thinking about purchasing this nappy.  TotsBots is a British company based in Scotland. They manufacture all their products in factories in Glasgow.   All fabrics used in Tots Bots nappies are covered by Oeko-tex 100 certification.  This is your guarantee that no harmful chemicals have been used in the production process.   Tots Bots are a highly ethical and environmentally conscious company AND all their nappies work wonderfully well and last.

My Opinion –  If you like the idea of buying from a UK based company then you couldn’t do better than to buy a Tots Bots nappy.  Bamboo is miraculous and eco-friendly – a renewable resource with a very short growth cycle, it is grown without fertilizers or pesticides. A great environmental choice for nappies.  This is one of the best nappies on the market.  I personally think it is best used in conjunction with other quicker drying nappies so you are not waiting for ages for the nappies to dry.  Bamboo is VERY slow drying but the snap in booster design in this nappy does help to speed this up a bit.  It needs an outer wrap and the Motherease airflow is an excellent option especially for night time.  This was my main night time nappy (with the airflow wrap) and worked better than any disposable nappy.

My Tips –  To speed up drying time you can tumble dry this nappy on a low heat, or for 20 minutes after washing.  Use a fleece liner to keep the nappy dry next to your babies skin.  If you need a really absorbent night time nappy for an older child then use an extra bamboo insert on the outside of the nappy (between the nappy and wrap).  Fold the snap in booster to the front for boys and to the middle for girls for extra absorbency.  This nappy works a treat with Motherease Airflow wraps, my favorite combination.

Washing Washing and Care – please read carefully our full ‘washing and care instructions’.  All nappies and wraps must be washed according to our care instructions otherwise the manufacturers guarantee will not be valid.  All new nappies must be washed before they are used.  Please note that when buying a large number of cloth nappies you should just wash a few in the first instance, and check you are happy with your choice, as I cannot refund on used or washed nappies. This nappy can be tumble dried on a low heat, however it is advisable to only tumble dry occasionally as it does shorten the life of the nappy and of course cost you more.

Sizing –

Newborn – 5-15lbs/2.2 -6.8kg

Size 1 – 6lbs to 18lbs/2.3kg to 8.2kg

Onesize – 9lbs to 35lbs/4kg to 15.9kg

XL – 35lbs+ (ideal for toddlers and bigger babies) – comes in natural only



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bamboozle stretch

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