Fleece Liner


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£1.50 each or £12 for pack of 10

These are mulit coloured fleece stay dry liners which are super soft.  They are stain resistant, can be washed with your nappies and are quick drying.  These liners are hourglass shaped are approximately 31cm long.   They are available individually or in sets of 10, colours and patterns vary and you will be sent a mix of patterns..  A great alternative to flushable liners for eco-conscious parents.  A little messy to use in the first few months but once the poo is solid then these are a wonderful alternative to paper liners.    They are highly wicking so keep moisture away from baby’s skin so are also a popular choice for overnight use or for babies with sensitive skin.    Great with cotton and bamboo nappies to keep your babies bottom really dry. 


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