Little Lamb Paper Liners


Little Lamb Paper Liners are a lovely soft paper liner which can be used in any cloth nappy.

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Little Lamb Paper Liners  

Designed to be placed in the nappy next to baby’s skin. The nappy will draw any moisture through the liner but it will stop the solids.  When you change baby’s dirty nappy, remove the liner and bag and bin it.  They are generously sized disposable liners and can be cut in two for smaller babies but please do not fold liners or use multiple sheets as this will prevent quick absorption by the cloth nappy.   They are called flushable liners but it has been pointed out that some municipal sewerage systems around the EU aren’t really up to the job so we now recommend you bag and bin them.   Little Lamb paper liners do not feel like paper at all and are very soft.   They come on a roll of 100 and fit the majority of all nappies not just Little Lambs.  And unlike some paper liners the outer packaging is made from paper.   They are a thin liner so you may find them better for older babies and solid poo.

They are:100% Biodegradable, non Chlorine Bleached, Recycled from pre consumer scrap waste.  Disposable liners are made from a non woven ( this means bonded ) Polylactic acid ( polylactide or PLA ).  Polylactic acid is a thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from renewable biomass, typically from fermented plant starch such as from corn, cassava, sugarcane or sugar beet pulp. PLA is very environmentally friendly material since it is made from renewable resource. Plastic products may take up to thousand years to compost, PLA products compost within 3-6 months in a composting system.


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