TotsBots Laundry Kit


RRP £29.95 TotsBots Laundry Kit gives you three essential items at 35% discount


TotsBots Laundry Kit

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Get your cloth nappy washing routine sorted with this essential set from Tots Bots.  This can be used with any type of reusable nappy system.    A nappy bucket is the perfect place to store used nappies ready for laundry and mesh laundry bags make washing your reusable nappies as easy as possible.  Please note that the mesh bags are not  from TotsBots but fit perfectly inside the bucket.

  • The Kit Includes:
  • 1 x 16L nappy bucket – which has a close fitting, lockable lid.   It can store enough nappies and covers for a full load of washing.  Made from BPA free plastic it is H 26cm x W 25cm x D 26cm
  • 2 x laundry mesh bags – Large net laundry bags which can store an entire load of washing and removes the need for rehandling used nappies when transferring them into the washing machine. Place the laundry mesh inside the nappy bucket until it’s time for your nappy wash.  Simply remove the mesh bag with nappies from the bucket, pop into the washing machine in one go, simple and quick!
  • 750g x TotsBots  Nappy Potion powder – unscented). This is perfect for washing cloth nappies, and anything else. It is anti-bacterial and works at just 30 degrees, saving you money and the environment. It is 100% natural, enzyme free (non-bio), vegan approved and allergy tested.

Made in the UK

Quick Guide Washing Instructions For Cloth Nappies.  

New nappies – Wash before using.  This wash can be a cold wash with no detergent.

  1. Dirty nappies – Load the machine to no more than 3/4 full.  Run a cold – 30⁰ rinse cycle first with no detergent, this removes and breaks up solids and loosens stains. It also means you can add other items to your wash after the rinse cycle, which is ideal if you only have a few washable nappies, it means you do not have to run a full cycle with only a few items.
  2. Detergent – use your usual non-bio detergent (powder is best). (Ecover is NOT suitable to use with cloth nappies).  NEVER use softener.
  3. Washing Heat – Main wash at between 30⁰ or 60⁰ degrees but NEVER hotter than 60⁰. Wash at 60⁰ if your baby is under 3 months, your baby has repeated or unusual nappy rash, your baby is unwell at all or you have more than one baby using the same nappies.
  4. Wash Cycle – Use an intensive wash cycle, or cotton cycle but not a “quick wash” or an “eco” setting because nappies need a lot of jiggling around and plenty of water to ensure they are clean and properly rinsed.  Spin cycle 1000 rpm is ideal, faster than that can damage some of the more delicate materials, ie bamboo.
  5. Drying – Line dry if possible. For faster line drying, stand airer by radiator or use a dehumidifier.  This can cut drying time by more than half.  Nappies may be tumble dried on the low heat setting but you will shorten the life of the nappy if you tumble dry with every wash.  Do not dry any nappies or wraps directly on a radiator or heated rail.



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Weight 3.5 kg
Totsbots Potion Powder

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