Little Lamb Hanging Nappy Pail


Little Lamb Hanging Nappy Pail is an ideal substitute for an actual nappy bucket.  Large enough to hold around 15 nappies.


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Little Lamb Hanging Nappy Pail bag is the convenient alternative to our traditional wet nappy bucket.

Great for small spaces, and even better for safety against cheeky toddlers who want to play with dirty nappies. Hang on the back of your bathroom door, or off the side of your changing station for easy access.  If you are looking for something as an alternative to a nappy bucket this will do the job.   It also works well in conjunction with a bucket if you want one upstairs and one downstairs.

Once full, simply unzip, empty into the washing machine and you are ready to go.

Holds up to 15 dirty cloth nappies.

Size: 38 x 55cm

Little Lamb recommends  you wash your bag regularly to avoid any build up of smell, just turn me inside out and pop in with a nappy wash.  I is made of PUL so treat me the same as you would a  nappy wraps.

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