Totsbots Peenut Wrap


Totsbots Peenut wrap ideal as a stand alone wrap with other shaped or flat nappies or as part of the Totsbots Peenut two in one system or with the Totsbots Bamboozle stretch nappy or Peenut pad.


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Totsbots  Peenut Wrap is designed to work perfectly with the Bamboozle Nappy and Peenut pad as part of a day/night system.

This wrap can also be used very successfully with other shaped nappies.  

Please be aware: This is the older version of the Totsbots wrap, not the new updated 2023 re-named Bamboozle wrap.  Do not be put off by this, these wraps won a numerous awards and have been popular for years because they are very well made, reliable and excellent at containment.  Grab a bargain!

 The PeeNut wrap comes in three sizes:

size 1 (6-18lbs/2.7kg – 8.1kg)

size 2 which is a birth to potty option (9-35lbs/4 – 15.8kg) and

size 3 (35lbs/15.8kg +)

The Wrap: The wipe clean interior means that there is no need to wash the whole wrap at every change and is easy to keep clean and reuse.     If you want to use PeeNut wrap immediately from birth then we recommend you use the size 1 wraps as they will provide a much snugger fit.  If you are on a tighter budget then you can go straight to the size 2 but please bear in mind that the wrap will be a bit leaky in the first few weeks as it is designed to fit from 9lbs/4kg upwards.  The wrap has 4 poppers on the front allowing you to make the nappy smaller or larger.  Adjust the waist size with the helpful velcro straps.   

PeeNut System: Totsbots PeeNut wrap can be used as a stand alone wrap over any cloth nappy or inserts you already have.  However it was designed to be used with the Peenut Pad, and bamboozle nappy and is part of the Totsbots Peenut nappy system it works particularly well as a combined nappy kit.  When used with the Peenut pad it is classed as an ‘all in two’ system, when used with the bamboozle nappy a ‘two part nappy’ system.   Inside the PeeNut wrap are two poppers that are used for securing the PeeNut nappy/insert.  This is an easy to use waterproof wrap and 3 – in 1 bamboo pad system.    The clever 3-in-1 pad allows you to choose the absorbency level of the nappy your baby needs, at night or day time. The pad comes in two parts, 1 smaller pad for low absorbency and 1 larger pad for medium absorbency. Or pop them together to make the maximum absorbency possible.  The PeeNut nappy (wrap and pad) is classed as an ‘all in two‘ system and works very well as a day nappy.  Simple to use.  

Washing Instructions: 

Fold back the laundry tabs before each wash to avoid fabric damage. NEVER soak wraps.  Follow our general washing guidelines 


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