Motherease Airflow Wrap


Motherease airflow wraps are probably the best selling washable nappy wrap in the world and for very good reason – best fit and best containment !


Motherease Airflow Wraps

This wrap is one of the longest-established reusable waterproof wraps in the UK and Canada.  It is a real ‘workhorse’ wrap and is incredibly reliable.  The Motherease Airflow is loose-fitting with a high rise (nappy height) and ideally suited for use over all shaped and fastened Terry nappies.

It is not as suitable to use with non fastening nappies or prefolds although it will work, but consider using the Rikki wrap for these. The design of the Airflow wrap is simple but effective.  It fastens with poppers at the leg and waist, with three size options at the leg and two at the waist to allow for adjustment as your baby grows. Babies proportions vary enormously, and this wrap copes well with all these different dimensions.  The separate leg and waist adjustability of the Mother-ease  AirFlow wrap allows for a good fit whatever your baby’s shape. The poppers are placed toward the front on the small size and at the sides on the larger sizes.

Appropriately named the ‘Airflow’, this wrap is ‘breathable’ in the sense that is allows air to billow in and out though gaps at the sides between the poppers without leaks. Made from a soft brushed polyester on the outside with polyurethane laminate (PUL) waterproof inner. 

This is a very lightweight, soft and pliable wrap. The elasticised waist and legs fit snugly but comfortably. The overall fit of the wrap is loose and baggy, with the leg fastenings coming relatively low down the thigh, but these features are what make it so airy and leak proof. The gap between the nappy and the wrap will decrease the chances of leaks.   A wrap of exceptional quality and design. 

PUL Style

Classic (thicker) PUL print/colour options: Oceans, Savanna, Wetlands, Rainforest, Coral Reef, Yellow Sundance, Orange Sunset, Teal Tidewater, Blue Raindrop, Seafoam Green, Wood Violet.

Fashionables (thinner) PUL print/colour options: White, Cranberry, Navy, Mustard, Foxy, Orchard, Tweet, Earth Day, Pine, Flight, Dino, Dream, Adventure Awaits.

[small and xsmall – snaps towards waist front design]
[medium + snaps towards waist back design] 

The Mother-ease Airflow comes in a variety of sizes please see below.


XSmall – 6-12lb/2.7 – 5.5kg (cut smaller than small size) *

Small – 7-12lb/2.5 – 5.5kg

Medium – 10-20lb/4.5 – 9kg

Large – 20 or 27-35lb/ 9.1 or 12.3 – 15.9kg (fits from 20lbs for chubby babies and around 25lbs for slim babies)

XLarge – 35-45lb/15.9 – 10.5kg 

* xsmall is a great newborn wrap and can easily be used in place of the small going straight on to the medium but is best used over newborn nappies.

Note: The Air Flow™ covers run true to size, no need to buy big.  They are designed with a roomy fit, though they do compress down under clothes nicely.  While the generous cut of the Air Flow™ covers makes them a great choice for fitted diapers, if you would like to use them with prefolds or flats the nappy must be secured first with a nappi nippa or pins.

Generally the airflow is quite a big wrap, hence its name – airflow – basically it is a bit baggy so the air can flow through and when I say baggy, it is not baggy at legs or waste, just there is extra material and side panels.  Using the xsmall on a newborn works very well as you get a slimmer snugger fit.

Our Opinion – A wonderful wrap which is definitely worth trying, the hype is justified.   This wrap will seem larger in size than some other wraps but this is down to the air flow (breathable) tabs mentioned above so don’t be put off.

Our Tips – xsmall and small wraps will fit the same size baby however the xsmall is cut from less cloth.  Buy xsmall if you are using with newborn nappies, buy the small if you are using with onesize nappies.  Both are great either way!  Remember you only need 1 wrap per every 3 to 5 nappies as you can use a wrap again without washing if it is not soiled. 

Care instructions – Machine washable at 40ºC or up to 60ºC. Can be tumble dried on low heat but hang drying will increase longevity. This wrap hang dries very quickly as it is lightweight and contains no absorbent material.

Care of Mother-ease Wraps – PLEASE READ
The binding on the Motherease wraps are the reason they are so fabulously waterproof so it’s important to treat the binding with respect and make sure it can’t get caught on velcro etc in the wash.  When washing your Motherease wraps place them in a mesh washing bag separate from anything that could catch on the binding like Velcro to keep them in excellent and reliable condition. Motherease have very specific washing detergent requirements please read our washing page so you’re aware of the requirements. This usually means that the wraps have to be washed separately to your nappies.  Motherease are saying their wraps will only last for one baby and will need to be replaced for each subsequent child.

Helpful Notes and Hints From The Manufacturers

Waterproof Covers – Use over cloth diapers to prevent leakage. Can usually be used 3 to 4 times before washing, provided they aren’t soiled.

Line Dried Diapers – simplify a messy diaper clean up. It installs to your toilet’s water supply in 5 easy minutes.

How to Prevent Odors and Staining with the Dry Pail System – Important: to avoid odors from setting into fabrics when using Dry Pail Method, do not leave diapers sitting in a closed pail for days at a time. Diapers should be able to breathe. Use a vented diaper pail and a breathable mesh pail liner to encourage air circulation. At the end of each day used diapers stored without pre-soaking should be run through a rinse and spin or equivalent machine cycle. Rinsed diapers can be returned to the pail or ideally spread/hung to dry. Remember set odors are difficult to remove.

Diaper Stains – Rinse soiled diapers promptly in the toilet using a diaper sprayer to minimize stains. Flushable Diaper Liners or Stay Dry Liners will also help. Should you have a tough stain, apply Laundry Miracle directly to the stain and gently rub until the stain has lifted. Repeat if necessary.

Hot Water – ensure more hot water gets to your machine by running the hot water tap nearest your machine until water is hot.

Creams – Sticky barrier creams used to help prevent diaper rash can leave residues making diapers water repellent. Flushable Diaper Liners will help prevent residue from accumulating on diapers.

Flushable Diaper Liners – To simplify the clean up of soiled diapers, flushable paper and bamboo liners may be laid into the diapers.

Diaper Rash – A number of factors can cause diaper rashes. The first thing to try is more frequent diaper changes. Should the problem persist, run another final rinse cycle and add a cup of white vinegar.

*Mother ease does not recommend the use of oxygenated products (hydrogen peroxide – OxyClean), chlorides (bleach), fluorides, peroxides nor any harsh solvents (sodium percarbonate). Do not rinse diapers in toilets containing automatic toilet bowl cleaners. Use of these products will cause fabric disintegration on all natural fibers evidenced by balding spots throughout one or all layers of diaper and will adversely affect product longevity.

Laundry Detergent Disclaimer*

Mother ease does not recommend the use of boutique type detergents due to customer complaints. These include (but are not limited to) Charlies Soap, Allens Naturally, Nellies Soda, Rockin Green, Country Save, Laundry Tarts, any type of soap nuts, 7th Generation Soap, and Ecos.

Mother ease does not recommend any homemade detergents. Fat deposits from soap can accumulate in the diapers layers and cause water repellency.

Do not use laundry detergent products containing sodium percarbonate,  hydrogen peroxide (oxygen bleach) or optical brighteners. These ingredients are often listed. When combined with uric acid and ammonia a reaction occurs causing natural fibers to dissolve. These ingredients are also harsh on diaper covers and cover binding.

Note: Oversized large waterproof (nylon coated or PUL laminated) diaper pail liners should not be washed with cloth diapers. Due to the large size, they restrict water movement, interfere with effective detergent removal during rinse cycles and impede water extraction during the spin cycles.


At Mother ease, we offer the BEST warranty in the cloth diaper industry and proud to stand behind our products 100%! With our local manufacturing we are pleased to provide durable, well-designed cloth diapers, diaper covers, and diapering accessories:

Lifetime Warranty on our Snaps + Elastics

1 Year Warranty on our Poly Urethane Laminate (PUL)

1 Year Warranty on our diapers against defects in materials and workmanship

6 Month Warranty on our diaper covers against defects in materials and workmanship

This warranty is available to the original purchaser of our products from the date of purchase.

Except when caused by manufacturing defects this warranty does not cover leaking, diaper odour or normal wear and tear. Please be sure to follow our detailed care instructions paying special attention to the use of detergents. Warranty is void when detergents containing harsh solvents such as hydrogen peroxide or sodium percarbonate are used on diapers.






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