BumGenius Flip Wrap


Bumgenius Flip wrap is a birth to potty wrap which can be used with Flip inserts which are bought separately or as a stand alone wrap with other shaped or flat nappies.  It fits from 8lbs / upwards


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Fastening Poppers
Made USA
Material 100% Polyester. Cover Tabs: 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
Sizing Birth to Potty 8 – 35lbs / 3.6 – 15.8kg
Wrap only  Either Flip or works very well with other shaped and flat nappies


Bumgenius Flip Wrap 

The Flip wrap can be used as a stand alone wrap with any flat or shaped nappy,  or with specifically designed flip inserts –  stay dry insertorganic day time insert, night time organic inserts  as part of the Bumgenius Flip system, which is an‘all in 2‘ system.   The nappy cover/wrap is available in poppers only.  It is a birth to potty wrap so grows with your baby and is super adjustable due to Bumgenius’ patented popper placement. It fits from 8lbs/3.6kg upwards   This is just like the Totsbots Peenut system only with poppers on the wrap and made in the USA

The Flip nappy system (The Flip Wrap and one of the specific inserts below) is another innovation from Bumgenius and made as always to their high standard.  It was designed to be a quick, easy and low cost option. 

Fabric Content for the wrap: Cover Outer: 100% Polyester. Cover Tabs: 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex .     


  • The flip stay dry insert is made of 3 absorbent layers of micro fibre and a soft fleece top layer that keeps moisture away from your baby’s bottom; it has a simple fold/stitch at the end for different size babies. 


  • The Flip newborn stay dry insert is ideal if you want to use from birth, like the standard stay dry insert but smaller, 30cm x 14cm   It is made of 2 instead of 3 super absorbent layers of micro fibre topped with a very soft smooth stay-dry suede cloth that will keep your little one’s bottom feeling dry. 


  • Flip organic day inserts are great if you prefer a natural organic fabrics next to your baby’s skin.  The 100% Organic Cotton daytime FLIP insert is a large rectangular piece of fabric which folds one way for smaller babies and the other way for bigger babies.  The organic cotton inserts are very soft and very absorbent; they’re Oeko-Tex certified safe.   On smaller babies they could also be used with a nappi nippa and folded in the same way as a ‘prefold’ to make a shaped nappy to help keep the runny poo contained.


  • The night time organic inserts are more absorbent than the day time stay dry or day time organic inserts and are incredibly soft  The Flip Organic Cotton Insert is a large piece or organic cotton fabric that folds in thirds to fit neatly in the flip one-size cover.  Because the flip organic insert folds out it dries faster as well.  100% Oeko-Tex certified natural organic cotton means you can be sure no harmful chemicals will be next to your baby’s bottom. 


My Opinion –  An incredibly well designed wrap which works with most nappies not just the Flip inserts. It is very popular with my customers.   It is a ‘one size’ wrap so will be quite large on a newborn.  Because the Flip is one size you will not need to buy different sizes as your child grows so it is very cost effective.  Although designed to be part of the Flip nappy system each item does stand on it’s own as a wrap or inserts for other nappies.  It is definitely worth having as part of your kit as is a  relatively low cost option.  I loved this wrap, it fits very well and rarely leaked on my children.

My Tips – If you use cotton prefolds with a nippa and a newborn nappy wrap from birth then the same prefolds can continue as pads with the Flip wrap for the whole time your baby is in nappies as you do not need to buy the specific Flip inserts.  Because there is a flap inside along the top and bottom of the wrap any prefold can be folded in half and slipped inside. 

Washing – Wash between 40° and 60°.  The wrap can be tumble dried on a low heat.  However I would suggest you do not tumble dry as it dries very quickly anyway, and constant tumble drying can shorten the life of the waterproofing material.  Do not dry the wrap directly on a radiator either.  Please read carefully our full ‘washing and care instructions’.  All nappies and wraps must be washed according to our care instructions otherwise the manufacturers guarantee will not be valid.  All new nappies must be washed before they are used.  Please note that when buying a large number of cloth nappies and wraps you should just wash a few in the first instance, and check you are happy with your choice, as I cannot refund on used or washed nappies.

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