Thirsties Swim Nappy


Thirsties swim nappy, lovely for the beach, pool or garden. Comes in two sizes


Thirsties Swim Nappy – £13.99   £10

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Just like the best-selling Thirsties Nappy Cover the Thirsties Swim Nappy is a pool or beach ready version. With no absorbency to weight baby down.

Available in 2 sizes, with an adjustable rise from 8-40lbs, this swim nappy has been designed with a mesh interior and hip snaps for maximum comfort. The nappy also features double-leg gussets to keep you and everyone else swimming worry-free!

Wash at 40° and tumble dry on cool

With adjustable rise and 2 sizes provides a custom fit from 8-40lbs

Size Weight Range Age Range
one 6-18 lbs (3-8 kg) 0-9 months
two 18-40 lbs (8-18 kg) 9-36 months


Common Questions

Where are Thirsties products made?

100% of Thirsties products are manufactured in Denver, Colorado. We do not stop at just making our products in the USA. We go to great lengths to source USA-made fabric and components as well. To date, over 90% of our fabric and components are manufactured domestically. Even our hemp jersey fabric is knitted in the USA…which was a hurdle and an accomplishment we are so proud to have achieved! Thirsties is committed to fair and sustainable labor practices, providing people in our own communities with much-needed jobs and doing our part in boosting our local economies.

How long will my Thirsties products last? Can I expect my reusable diapers to last through multiple children?

We take care to choose high-quality USA-made fabrics and components that have been proven to withstand the test of time.
Your Thirsties diapers can be expected to last for that specific diaper’s size range for one child, as long as the care and use routine is followed. You may have the added perk of using them for a second child depending on your washing conditions. Drying in the dryer will hasten the retirement of any apparel item, therefore we always recommend hang drying whenever possible.

What about PVC (vinyl), phthalates, and lead?

All Thirsties products are free of PVC, phthalates, and lead.

What type of dyes are used in the Thirsties products?

We use low impact reactive dyes and processes that are eco-friendly. Our textile dying processes meet or exceed criteria set forth by the European Union. No heavy metals, toxic substances, or environmentally destructive practices are used in dying our fabrics.

How many swim nappies do you need? Swim nappies wash and dry quickly, so one is fine, two if you want a spare in case of an emergency change mid swim.

Reusable swim nappies are designed to hold in the solid waste so it does not leak into the pool.  A good reusable swim nappy will contain all the variations of poo. Swim nappies however do not contain liquids.  Reusable swim nappies work in the exact same way as disposable swim nappies which also only hold in the solid waste products not the liquids.  No swim nappy is designed or able to hold in urine.

Washing: When it comes to washing your reusable swim nappies it is always important to follow the manufacturers instructions. You will not need to use fabric conditioner and it is usually recommended not to tumble dry your nappies as this will reduce their lifespan. We recommend picking up a waterproof storage bag, or wet bag, to store your swim nappies in after you’ve finished in the pool. This bag and the contents can then be emptied into your washing machine, or hand washed, on a low heat with non-bio washing powder. You can then hang your nappies to dry, but try to avoid hanging them in direct sunlight. If your little one does have a poo in their swim nappy, you can simply pop any solids into the toilet, rinse off and pop the nappy into wash.


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