EasyPEEsy Organic Cloth – 4 nappies


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EasyPEEsy Organic Cloth – 4 nappies

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4 nappies – comes in ‘one size’ only  (birth 2 potty / ‘one size’) in a mix of natural materials, organic cotton and bamboo.

A simple trial kit that will suit any baby over 9lbs/4kg and any parent wanting to have an easy introduction to cloth nappies.

  • A mix of top brands from companies that have been making cloth nappies for years.
  • The nappies are ‘All In One’ or ‘Pocket’ nappies which means they go on just like a disposable nappy with no separate parts. Very easy to use.
  • A mix of bamboo and organic cotton nappies, these will be very absorbent but quite slow drying (can be tumble dried on a low heat)
  • All nappies in this kit are birth 2 potty/one size, meaning they will last for all of, or nearly all of, your baby time in nappies, making them very cost effective.
  • fit is from 9lbs/4kg -through to 35lbs/15.9kg – the nappy grows with the baby via poppers at the front and will take them through this whole weight range.
  • You will also receive video link instructions so you can see how each nappy works.
  • If you know nothing much about washable nappies it is advisable to watch the short demo below which will get you off to a flying start!  


what’s in the kit:

1 x Totsbots HERO

1 x BumGenius Elemental

1 x Mother-ease Wizard UNO Organic

1 x Bambino Mio Solo Supreme

1 x Roll of paper liners and 1 x single fleece liner   to catch the poo




The Washable Nappy Company Trial Kits explained.

All the kits are mixed brand, ie they come with a mix of nappies from different manufacturers.

Try All Styles Starter Kit – this kits gives you a mix of ‘all in one’, ‘two part shaped‘ (ideal for night) and ‘all in two’ nappies giving you the chance to try all available types of modern cloth nappes and will cover every eventuality, from out and about in the day, to over night 2 part nappies that should be super absorbent.  They are all birth to potty/onesize nappies so grow with your baby.

EasyPEEsy Starter Kit –  this kit gives you a selection of easy to use all in one and pocket nappies.   These nappies go on in one piece and are best for day time use or for babies who are not sleeping through the night. They are all birth to potty/onesize nappies so grow with your baby.

We also have some Newborn starter kits – here the nappies are either xsmall or small in size and will fit from 6lbs/2.7kg upwards, some will fit until 12lbs/5.4kg  and some until 18lbs/8.1kg depending on the individual nappies and wraps.  These kits are ideal if you want to start using cloth nappies from birth, are expecting twins or a particularly small baby.   They will give you an excellent insight into the different brands and styles and will not be too bulky

If you are confused about the different types and style of cloth nappies have a look at my youtube video ‘mini demo’ to see what the difference between nappy styles are and why having a mix can be useful.   You may want to consider purchasing one of the laundry kits which gives you everything you need to wash and store the cloth nappies in.

Please read the washing nappy section as it is very important to wash correctly and please also read the Motherease washing guidelines in particular as you need to wash nappies and wraps correctly for the guarantee to be valid.   If you have a particular preference for colour/pattern please let me know in the message box at checkout and I will do my best to accommodate otherwise a mix will be sent.

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