Hemp Booster


A large hemp booster for medium to large nappies.  It can be used as an insert or booster.

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A lovely large hemp booster / insert from Little Lamb

An essential accessory for anyone using reusable nappies to increase absorbency.  Generously sized for maximum coverage and absorbency, made to fit Onesize nappies and size 2 and 3 nappies.  They are made for those heavy nighttime wetters or for when baby is stuck in the car seat for an extended time.

What is the difference between hemp and bamboo inserts?

Advantages of Hemp

  • it is more absorbent than bamboo
  • because it is super absorbent the booster will stay dryer next to your babies bottom for longer
  • less impact on the environment from raw product to material
  • stronger fibres withstand continued washing better than bamboo

Advantages of Bamboo

  • much softer to touch than bamboo so ideal next to your babies bottom
  • anti bacterial and anti fungal

These inserts will work well with most birth to potty and size 2 nappies for example Little Lamb Pocket,Bumgenius V5, Bambino Mio Solo 



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