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RRP £12.50  NOW £7.50 plain £9.50 patterns each *+ further discounts see below

Further 5% discount on £50+ spend use code 5PC or 10% discount on £100+ spend use code 10PC) Free liners with 10 nappies, free wet bag with 15 nappies and free liners and wet bag with 20 nappies.

Littlelamb one-size-fits-all stretch pocket nappies are one of the most economic nappies you can buy and the clever design means that the same nappy should grow with your baby from new born to potty training.    You will find quite a few cheap nappies on ebay or amazon often they are of a very low standard,  not made to EU standards and geneally do not work well or last well.  These nappies from Little Lambs are well made, will last and will work very well.  So these nappies are perfect for those on a low budget !   


The 'pocket' opening (where you pop in the absorbent insert/s – which are included with each nappy) is large enough for it to be easy enough to put the inner in and out and yet small enough to ensure that it does not move around too much.   

The soft lining that sits next to baby’s skin is a super-soft microfleece which will draw away moisture to the inner core protecting baby’s skin and keeping it nice and dry.    Each nappy comes with two inserts which are made from a tightly knitted Bamboo, bamboo is extremely absorbent.  The nappy can be used with one or both inserts meaning it caters extremely well for heavy wetters.  The elastic is super-soft to prevent chaffing baby's delicate skin and with proper laundry care will last for years. The fit of the nappy is very flexible so you can adjust it to ensure that there are no leaks.  The nappy has 27 snaps to ensure that babe will be comfortable at all times in this slim fitting nappy.  The outer shell is constructed from a stretchy polyknit fabric – so that it doesn't restrict baby's movement.

This nappy was tested for over a year in the UK and New Zealand and was great success, it was originally designed to be a day nappy but customer feedback said that on the vast majority of babies the nappy lasted through the night too! 

These nappies are made in Turkey and conform to all EU regulations and have fabric Oeko Teks safety certificates.  This means the Little Lambs Onesize have poppers securely fastened to the nappies at the safety levels required for baby clothing. All parts of fabric production and product manufacturing are chemically safe and conform to the highest stipulated safety standards required for baby clothing. 

Our Opinion – You will find lots of cheap pocket nappies on Ebay at rediculously low prices, these are often made abroad and may not meet EU safety standards. With Little Lambs Onesize pocket nappies you are getting a well known and trusted UK brand, with a great reputation and they work very well.   For parents looking for a cheaper option to the premium brands like Bumgenius this is an excellent alternative.    As with all birth to potty nappies, this fits better from 10lbs +. It is still generally better to use a two part nappy for night time, such as the bamboozle and motherease wrap

Sizing – 10lbs – 30lbs / 4.5kg – 15.9kg


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