Bright Bots Quality Terry Square Blue or Pink


Quality Terry Square Bright Bots Blue or Pink are super soft thick supreme 100 % cotton quality terry squares. 60cm by 60cm squares


Bright Bots Quality Terry Squares Blue or Pink 100% quality cotton Terry cloth nappies

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Bright Bots Quality Terry Squares blue or pink nappies are super soft thick supreme quality terry squares from Bright Bots in either pink or blue (white available here).   Terry Squares are classed as flat nappies.  They are approximately  60cm square, and are of a superior quality to the standard terries. The thick, soft terry makes this nappy feel more luxurious, and offers greater absorbency. They are one of the cheapest types of cloth nappy, are easy to dry and very versatile to use (you change the shape and size of the nappy to best suit your baby at each stage of his/her development, just by changing the way you fold it). You control its absorbency by using positioning and regulating the way you boost it.  And there is no need to use the old fashioned safety pins, the Nappi Nippa is the modern alternative and has no points, no sharp bits, and no fear of stabbing the baby or your thumb!  You will need waterproof outer nappy covers with all terry nappies and all the wraps we sell are suitable for Terry Squares however Motherease Airflow and the Bumgenius Flip  wrap work particularly well.   

Bright Bots Quality Terry Squares 100% cotton in Blue or Pink – sold as single nappies or in packs of 6   

Our Opinions – These and prefolds are the cheapest option in cloth nappies.  If you get the folds right then these nappies work incredibly well.  See Folding Instructions and practice on your teddy!  Or have a look at prefold folding options, terrys can be used in the same way.  On Newborn babies you may find this nappy rather bulky and if this is an issue you could use the bamboo terrys which are considerably slimmer and also come in 50cm  x 50cm squares.  Terry nappies are so cost effective that it is worth having a pack of 12 in reserve for those times when you get behind on your washing! You will find that they are also very useful as burp cloths or cleaning rags so will never go to waste.

Our Tips– Use Nappi Nippas, it makes it all a lot easier.  Use bamboo boosters to increase absorbency.  Use paper liners to help with solid disposable.  Use fleece liners to keep your babies bottom dry! 

Washing – Terrys can be washed at 90° however in normal everyday use they should be washed between 40° to 60°.  Can be tumble dried.  See Washing Your Nappies for full details on how to wash and care for all your cloth nappies.

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60 x 60cm – 8lbs to 35lbs / 3.6kg to 15.9kg







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