TotsBots Teenyfit Newborn Nappy


Teenyfit Star is the latest version of the best selling Totsbots newborn all in one nappy and  it is fantastic. It is extremely slim and dinky and fits from 5 to 12lbs. Perfect for twins and low/small birth weight babies.


TotsBots Teenyfit Newborn Nappy

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Absorbency Average for a newborn
Drying Time medium to slow drying – around 10 – 12 hours
Fit (Slim or bulky) Slim – bit bulky on small babies as it is a birth to potty nappy
Easy To Use Very
Fastening Velcro Aplix
Made Scotland
Material 49% ryan bamboo, 43% polyester, 8 % polypropylene inner and PUL outer 
Need Separate Wrap No
Day or Night day only
Sizing Birth to Potty 5 – 12lbs  / 2.2 – 5.5kg


fits 5-12lbs and are tiny nappies for your newborn baby. They are just the right size for a newborn and will last up to about 12lbs.  All the fab features of the Tots Bots Easyfit STAR scaled down to offer the perfect fit for your little one.  It is an all in one nappy with velcro fastening so is just like putting on a disposable nappy.   Teenyfit Star comes with Totsbots award-winning absorbent bamboo core and unlike previous versions the absorbency of the Teenyfit STAR is fully sewn in so no pulling out a tongue of fabric for drying – one less thing to think about in those blurry early days!

Teenyfit STAR nappies are as close as cloth nappies get to disposables, they are shaped and fasten just like a disposable and offer great elastication at the waist and legs giving a snug and well fitted nappy.

  • Super absorbent bamboo core which holds approx 180ml (perfect for a newborn)
  • Stay dry buffer zones to keep liquid locked into core
  • Clever stitch free seams – no leaks
  • Waterproof tummy area
  • Oekotex certified
  • Hook and loop fastening
  • Made in Scotland

The Teenyfit only fits for a very short period of time so unless you’re expecting twins or have a prem baby it’s not usual to have a full set of 20 however if you’re planing more children they can make a fantastic investment to reuse on future babies.   The teenyfit can be boosted for heavy wetters by adding extra boosters inside however we’d recommend you change more frequently and don’t expect boosting to normally be required. 

Our Opinion – a great nappy for the first few months as most birth to potty nappies will not fit well on a newborn baby under 10lbs.   An expensive option as these nappies only fit up to 14lbs but well worth having a few in your kit if you are planning to use cloth nappies from the very beginning.  While the Teenyfit STAR is an excellent nappy system all in one nappies are not as leak proof as a two part nappy system (nappy and separate wrap). This is because there in only one layer to keep everything in. 

Our Tips – use the small bamboo booster to get extra absorbency.

Washing – wash between 40° to 60°.   Can be tumble dried on a low temperature, although I would suggest you air dry the outer wrap part as they dry so quickly and continued tumble drying could damage the waterproofing and not dry directly on a radiator. Please see our ‘washing your nappies‘ for full details and tips on how to wash all your nappies.  Fold over the Veclro onto the laundry tabs to protect during washing.

Sizing fits from 5lbs – 12lbs/ 2.2kg – 5.4kg    




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Weight 00.2 kg

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