Bamboo Cotton Mix Terry Square


Bamboo is more absorbent than cotton therefore providing a lot more absorbency for considerably less bulk however bamboo is a more fragile fabric than cotton so these blend of 50% cotton and 50% bamboo are an ideal mix.  You gain absorbency from the bamboo and strength from the cotton.


50 x 50 cm £3.75 each / 6 pack £20.00 / 12 pack £35.00

60 x 60 cm £4.25 each / 6 pack £25.00 / 12 pack £47.50

70 x 70 cm £6.25 each / 6 pack £30

Plus further discounts – spend £50+ get 5% off (use code 5PC) spend £100+ get 10% off (use code 10PC) and all nappies are included in multi buy deals and discounts!  Free liners with 10 nappies, free wet bag with 15 nappies and free liners and wet bag with 20 nappies.


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Bamboo is more absorbent than cotton therefore providing a lot more absorbency for considerably less bulk however bamboo is a considerably more fragile fabric so a blend of 50/50 is ideal.   You gain absorbency from the bamboo and strength from the cotton.

Bamboo is incredibly environmentally friendly and sustainable as it grows so quickly, thrives without the use of pesticides and requires less water than cotton during the growth process. It is also naturally antibacterial making it particularly suitable for babies with sensitive skin.  

Bamboo/Cotton squares come in 3 sizes, so which do you need?  
60cm is the normal birth to potty size terry square and if you want to keep using the wrap around terry square folds with nippa or pin,  throughout your babies time in nappies, buy the 60cm squares.  The 50cm Bamboo squares are for those who’d like a very slim nappy on a newborn baby.  70cm is for toddlers or young children

Care should be taken not to dry them directly on top of a hot radiator or to tumble dry them on a high setting as this may cause them to shrink. 

The Motherease Airflow wrap is a great choice over Terry’s particularly on newborns as is the Bumgenius Flip, Elemental Joy or Thirsties Duo.    Nappi nippas are much better than pins, easy to use and much safer!  If you do choose to use terry squares, there are lots of different fold options, have a look on you tube or at our information page on Folding Nappies.  

The only downside to bamboo nappies and that is that they are relatively slow drying, particularly compared to their cotton equivalents.  However, the bamboo cotton terry squares dry very quickly compared to the shaped bamboo nappies, so if you have fallen in love with the idea of bamboo but have very limited drying facilities then this is your answer.

In my opinion – You are not mad to think about using terry squares, so don’t let anyone tell you so !  Yes they are more fiddly and you won’t get many offers of help when changing a nappy !  But with a reliable wrap they work incredibly well and are very cost effective.  You could probably spend under £200 on nappies and wraps that would see you through two or three babies !  (Terry’s go on and on as there is no elastic or fastenings to fail.  I have  customers who are using the ones their own parents used for them, how wonderful is that)  Motherease airflow wraps work very well with Terry Squares, particularly on newborns,  the 50cm x 50cm will last until potty training if you switch to using them as a folded pad inside the Bumgenius Flip wraps once your baby gets to big to use the wrap around folds with nippa’s,  just fold the terry into a large oblong and tuck inside the folds of the Flip.

My tips – If you do choose to use terry squares there are lots of different fold options – have a look on you tube and practise on a teddy or doll before you baby arrives.  A good fold to use on newborns is the Jo Fold.  And use Nippa’s instead of pins as they are much easier with no chance of hurting your child.

Washing and Care – please read carefully our full ‘washing and care instructions’.   All nappies and wraps must be washed according to our care instructions otherwise the manufacturers guarantee will not be valid.  All new nappies must be washed before they are used.  Please note that when buying a large number of cloth nappies you should just wash a few in the first instance, and check you are happy with your choice, as I cannot refund on used or washed nappies. This nappy can be tumble dried on a low heat, however it is advisable to only tumble dry occasionally as it does shorten the life of the nappy and of course cost you more.   Cotton terry nappies can be washed at higher temperatures but do not NEED to be.  If you are washing your terry’s with PUL wraps stick to 40º – 60º.


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