FuzziBunz Perfect Fit Medium White

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Fuzzi Bunz white medium sized nappy with mircro insert on sale

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SALE £12.99 now £8.99I am also selling some of the FuzziBunz white medium nappies without the inserts for £3.99 – see sale nappies

 * plus extra discounts spend £50+ use code 5PC (£8.50 each)  and get extra 5% off and £100+ use code 10PC and get extra 10% off ( £8.10 each)  Free wetbag & liners with larger puchases see multi buy discounts for full information

FuzziBunz Perfect Size come in 4 sizes but most babies will only need the small and medium before they are potty trained.  This sale is for the Medium size only.  We do have the  xsmall available too, please see the newborn nappies.  Made in the USA Fuzzi Bunz was the original pocket nappy.  If you are looking for a slim fitting reusable nappy then this is probably the slimmest on the market.  Popper settings at the leg and waist mean you can get a perfect fit on most babies.   FuzziBunz nappies come with a micro terry insert.  Because it is a pocket nappy it has the advantage that you can insert extra boosters to increase the absorbency to suit.  FuzziBunz have a soft, stretchy, waterproof outer material (PUL) that keeps wetness and mess inside.   Next to the baby’s skin is a beautifully soft layer of micro-fleece which allows moisture to pass through and keep your baby’s bottom dry, this layer stays soft even after continued washing in hard water.  FuzziBunz come in a range or really funky colours. 

The advantages of buying ‘sized’ nappies as opposed to ‘one size’ nappies are the nappies will fit your baby really well throughout their time in nappies.  They are generally slimmer fitting than the birth to potty nappies and best of all they are in very good condition for any subsequent children  and if you have your 2nd baby while your first is still in nappies, your new baby can wear the small size while your older child is in the medium.

Our Opinions – Fuzzi Bunz nappies are really great for day time, very easy to use when out however we do suggest you use a more absorbent nappy for night time (the bamboozle perhaps).  These nappies were one of our favourite day time nappies because they were so slim and rarely leaked plus we loved all the funky colours.  If you are looking to buy nappies which will last well for 2 or more children then FuzzBunz perfect fit is an excellent choice.  The super soft fleece lining on this nappy is one of the softest materials you will ever feel and that is what is next to your babies bottom!

Our Tips – Use a bamboo booster with the micro terry insert for extra absorbency, this works really well and the nappy still stays nice and slim.

Washing – wash between 30° to 60°.  Fuzzi Bunz can be tumble dried, however I would suggest you only ever line dry the outer wrap because the waterproofing material can be damaged with repeated tumble drying.  Do not dry the outer wrap on a radiator.  See washing your nappies‘ for full instructions on washing and caring for all your nappies. 


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