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Bumgenius Pocket nappies BIG discounts on all kits plus FREE accessories 

see here full details on the Bumgenius V5 Pocket nappy 

Bumgenius Freetime nappies BIG discounts on all kits plus FREE accessories 

Ignore first price use codes 5PC (under £100) or 10PC (over £100) at checkout and the prices will change 

Kit of 5 nappies –  rrp £97.50  £92.62 + free postage use code 5PC

Kit of 10 nappies –  rrp £195.00 £175.50 + free paper liners and free postage use code 10PC

Kit of 15 nappies –  rrp £292.50  £263.25 + free wet bag and free postage use code 10PC

Kit of 20 nappies –  £390.00  £351.00  + free wet bag & paper liners and free postage use code 10PC

COLOURS IN STOCK NOW  –  mirror, noodle, sassy, clementine, dazzle, moonbeam, twilight, Jelly, fearless, kiss, LOVE +£2,  ALBERT +£2, NEIL+£2,  LOVELACE +£2

Please write your colour preferences in the sp ecial requirements box at checkout.   We do not hold a large quantity of stock in bumgenius nappies and sometimes we cannot meet colour choices, I will always contact you first if I do not have what you have asked for in stock and I re- stock every 3 to 4 months.  If you want one of the patterns then you will need to pay an extra £2 (less discounts of 5 % or 10%) and I will contact you to take the extra payment. 

Washing – wash between 40° to 60°.   Bumgenius can be tumble dried on a low temperature however we recommend you only tumble dry boosters so as not to damage the waterproofing or elastic.  Fold over the Veclro onto the laundry tabs to protect during washing.  Please see our ‘washing your reusable nappies‘ for full details and tips on how to wash all your nappies.  


Absorbency * * *
Quick Drying * * * * *
Slim Fitting * * *
Easy To Use * * * * 



Bumgenius Elemental               Easyfit STAR           Wonderoos       

Bumgenius Elemental       Totsbots Easyfit STAR              Wonderoos                   Bumgenius Freetime




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