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Would you like to try a large variety of nappies to see how you get on and help you decide which nappy/nappies to buy more of?  We have put together a kit which will mean you can do exactly that.   It consists of 9 different nappies and 3 different wraps.  It is a mixture of birth to potty, sized, 2 part shaped and flat, pocket and all in one.  A great starter kit for anyone who REALLY wants to try them all!

In the special requirement box at checkout please let us know your colour/pattern preferences. 


1 x Bumgenius Freetime

1 x TotsBots EasyFit

1 x Little Lamb Pocket

1 x Wonderoos

1 Flip with insert

1 x Totsbots Peenut with inserts

1 x Bamboozle Stretch

1 x Bummis Wrap

1 x Terry Nappy*

1 x cotton Prefold*

1 x Nappy Nippa*

1 Bamboo insert

1 Roll of paper Liners

1 Fleece liner

 (*if you do not want to try the prefold, terry and nappi nippa we can swap this part of the order for a pack of 10 washable wipes.  Please let us know if you want this option)


From Birth 6lbs/2kg+ Some of these nappies will be sized and fit from 6 – 18lbs and others will be birth to potty anyway so will fit from around 9lbs – 35lbs

Birth to potty – 9lbs – 35lbs



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