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Here is a kit for those who are you interested in using reusable nappies but are looking for a very easy nappy that will mimic a disposable.  A trial kit with a mix of 4 easy to use cloth nappies that all go on in one piece and dry very quickly.  The kit contains everything you need to get started,  with liners and boosters. Two sizes available depending on the wieght of your baby.  Try for a few weeks and decide if cloth nappies are for you.  And don't forget even if you do decide to stick with disposable nappies you will still have 4 great cloth nappies to use when fancy a change or you run out of disposables (which believe me happens regularly!).   These nappies are all top brands and work very well.   Three of the nappies will fit from birth to potty and one is a sized nappy which will be nice and slim fitting regardless of the weight of your baby. This Kit contains :   

1 x TOTSBOTS EASYFIT STAR –  a wonderful nappy from UK based Totsbots. A birth to potty all in one nappy which first from around 8lbs through to potty training or 35lbs.  Inside the nappy the absorbent inner is made from a soft bamboo fabric with a core of microfibre.  Bamboo is a very absorbent fabric but it takes a long time to dry so by mixing in a core of microfibre this speeds up drying times considerably.  The tongue on the easyfit is easy to pull out to speed up drying once the nappy has been washed. (fits from 8lbs/3.6kg – 35lbs/15.9kg).

1 x BUMGENIUS FREETIME – from the USA company Cotton Babies, a very popular brand of nappies as they just work SO well. The Freetime is perhaps the most popular as it is easy to use with no stuffing and as it is made from microfibre and fleece it dries very quickly.  

1 x LITTLE LAMB POCKET – another UK based company making simple low cost nappies that do work. 2 separate bamboo inserts come with each nappy and fit inside the pocket.  Another easy to use nappy which is nearly half the price of most of the other.

1 x WONDEROOS – a great slightly larger pocket nappy whcih works better on babies over 10lbs.  Each nappy comes with one mricro fibre inserta and one large thick bamboo insert, which poppers together to form a very absorbent core.

1 x Ultra Bio Liners – these liners are thicker than others so are perfect for that newborn poo as they hold it off the nappy very well and that is why most people use liners isn’t it!

1 x Bamboo booster – use to boost any of the nappies if and when you find that they are not as absorbent as they used to be!

Please read the washing cloth nappies and care of cloth nappies carefully before using.  You need to wash your nappies properly if you want them to last and work well for you. 


Birith to Potty 9lbs/4.1kg+ – 35lbs/15.8kg


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