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A mini Newborn Trial Kit of very easy to use newborn nappies, a mix of brands, you will receive 4 ‘all in one‘ newborn nappies which go on just like a disposable nappy

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Newborn Trial Kit

£57 (RRP £61.95) or spend over £100 and this kit will cost £54 – 

Use code 5PC  at checkout or  spend £100 + and get 10% off with code 10PC  

Size – fits a baby up to 12lbs/5.5kg 

This is a small Newborn Trial Kit for a newborn baby with a mix of very easy newborn ‘all in one‘ nappies in various brands.  If you are looking for a cloth nappy that is as simple to use as a disposable nappy then this kit is ideal. The nappies will fit a baby up to 12lbs/2.8k.  Babies weight and how quickly they grow varies enormously and these nappies can be outgrown within 4-6 weeks,  or last 4-5 months.  Newborn fitted nappies are relatively expensive given how long they last but having a few tiny ones in the beginning can start you off on the right foot as they are slim fitting and designed specially for a newborn.  I would suggest moving forward from this kit you buy birth to potty nappies which generally fit from 9 – 10lbs upwards and will last until potty training.    This kit includes paper liners and a newborn fleece liner and the little lamb bamboo nappy and bumgenius littles come with a seperate booster which can be used with any of the other nappies too (the little lamb nappy also comes with a fleece liner so you will have two fleece liners with the kit) 

This Newborn Trial kit contains :

 1 x Totsbots Teenyfit–  an all in one nappy from UK manufacturers Totsbots.  A very small and trim cloth nappy which goes on like a disposable nappy (fits from 4lbs/1.8kg – 12lbs/5.5kg)

1 x Motherease Wizard Uno stay dry xsm  – use with the bamboozle or and the prefolds, this wrap can be used with prefolds folded with nippa and then once the baby has grown out of the nippa folds can be used with the prefold folded into an oblong and tucked inside the flaps of this wrap see this youtube video (fits from 8lbs – 20lbs /4 – 9kg)

1 x Bumgenius Littles  V2 – this is a lovely little newborn nappy made to the same high standard as all the Bumgenius nappies.  The front waistband dips down to keep the umbilical area dry and the cotton lining is soft and absorbent, making this an ideal natural solution right from birth. The all-new reversible bonus doubler has stay-dry and cotton sides for added absorbency to fit your baby’s changing needs.

1 x Close Parent Pop in Newborn – teeny tiny newborn nappy with the front section is contoured to sit below the umbilical cord rather than over it and the nappy itself is much slimmer and intended for the lower wetting, high frequency changing those first few weeks bring.  Unlike the birth to potty close parent popin, the outerwrap on this newborn nappy can be easily be wiped clean and re-used if not soiled, leaving you to just switch the soaker over.

1 x roll of liners – paper liners are used in each nappy to catch the poo, the idea is that the liner and the poo is flushed down the toilet.  These liners are 100 natural with NO plastics.  Wet liners should be binned to cut down on throwing paper down the toilet if possible

1 x newborn fleece liner – use with any of the nappies instead of a paper liner to catch the poo, perfect if you are looking for an alternative to the flushable paper liners.   The fleece stays dry but allows liquid to pass through so also acts as a ‘stay dry liner‘  in bamboo or cotton nappies which can become quite wet next to your babies skin.  Having a wet bottom aids potty training and does not cause nappy rash but some parents do like using a fleece liner particularly when the baby is sleeping in the nappy.  

In the comments box at the checkout please let us know if you have any colour preferences or if you prefer pale or bright colours.  Generally patterns are more expensive so with Bumgenius please only choose block colours

When I post your order I will send you links with youtube videos on how to use each of your nappies.

When you do go to pruchase the Newborn Trial Kit It may be worth buying the washing accessory kit which includes a bucket, mesh bag and wet bag as this will give you everything you need and will take you over £100 which means you can get 10% off your order (remember to use the code 10PC) 

Prefolds are also a good option for newborn babies.   The advantage of prefolds are they are much cheaper to buy than the ‘all in ones’ and ‘two part shaped‘ nappies and you can continue to use prefolds in larger wraps, whereas the nappies in this kit will be out grown quickly.  Your baby will use between 6 – 10 nappie in 24 hours, and this kit contains 5 nappies, so if want enough to last 1 – 3 days you could consider getting the newborn prefold kit as well. Newborn Trial Kit by EasyPeesy.




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