Motherease Big Kid Training Pants


Motherease training pants are just like pull ups but with a super absorbent inner made from bamboo



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Motherease Big Kid training pants are slim fitting but with excellent leak protection

The absorbent inner is made from velvety soft, super absorbent Bamboo Terry that offers the absorbency needed to ensure complete reliability and wet feel to discourage future accidents.  The outer layer is made from Motherease leakproof polyester with soft binding and elastics.  This all goes to provide the independence your child needs to pull up and down! Being pull ups, they are easily manipulated by a child, so work well in conjunction with toilet training.  Machine washable at 60c and can be tumble dried.  These come in three sizes but the smallest size is often thought to be too small for most children, I only have the medium and large in stock right now.
This is much more absorbent than some other training pants so is ideal if you know your child is likely to have large wee accidents and they say it contains up to two wees!     Where your child is in the earlier stages of toilet training, these waterproof pants ensure that there are no puddles, if he/she does not get to the toilet in time.   Excellent for nursery.   Also works well for a child who is basically dry at night, but feels unconfident about going to bed without some form of protection.



Medium  – 33-40lbs

Large – 40-48lbs

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