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Buckets, Mesh & Wet Bags

Nappy Pail
( a/bc )


A 16 litre nappy bucket with good fitting lid to store your dirty nappies in prior to washing. Holds between 15 to 20 nappies and comes in white, cream, blue, lilac or pink

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Lockable Nappy Pail
( a/bd )

£12.99 £12.50

New from Tots Bots, this is their 16L nappy bucket which has 4 clip-lock clasps to ensure the lid stays on and no nasty smells get out!

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Mesh Bag
( a/be )

£5.50 each or £10 for two

Use this drawstring mesh bag to line your nappy bucket, lift out with all your dirty nappies and place in the washing machine, bag open. Makes washing your nappies even easier. 45cm x 50cm drawstring mesh bag. 45cm x 50cm drawstring mesh bag.


Mesh Bag


From £5.50

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PUL Wet Bag small
( a/bf )

£6.00 each

A small wet bag 38cm x 24cm. Use to carry your dirty nappies in while out and about.  Or as an alternative to a bucket when you are at home.



From £6.00

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Zip Wet Bag
( a/bff )


5% discount on £50 spend, 10% discount on £100 spend use codes 5PC or 10PC at checkout

A PUL wet bag with zip closure and handy hangtag which makes it easy to hang from the handles of your push chair, or used at nurseries on pegs. These bags will hold around 4 - 6 dirty cloth nappies and are 36cm x 46cm.   

Zip Wet Bag


From £9.90

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